Why Exhibit

  • Affordable stall Price

  • CatLog, Website, and Social Media visibility for every artist

  • Reputed and biggest exhibition centres in terms of space

  • World Class infrastructure and decor

  • Throughout publicity, branding and Marketing in all segments like Print, Digital, social, electric, outdoor etc

  • Post-exhibition sales through our online portal and offline gallery*

  • Huge connectivity with Architects, Interior decorators, Builders, Hoteliers, restaurant owners, Corporates

  • Participation in International shows

The Haat of Art E Portal* : 

Many time it happens that visitor likes a painting but don’t buy it and later after some time he makes up his mind to buy the painting at that time the buyer doesn’t have the contact details of the artist or the image of the painting for reference. Our E-Portal is an opportunity for the participating artists to post-exhibition sale. The portal will promote the artist and their exhibited paintings for the next 9 months among visitors and potential buyers.

The Haat of Art Gallery*

The Haat of Art Gallery will participate in many international exhibitions across the world. The artists participated in the exhibition will be having priority to book the slots. There will be an offline gallery will also be established in prime location of Mumbai for their previlledge clients through out the year.


* upcoming proposed planned

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