Why to Visit

The Haat of Art is putting all our heart and mind to make this exhibition one of the best place for people looking for authentic art of all forms and from every corner of the country. Have an art piece at our home office or restaurant is very normal and we pay good price without knowing it authenticity. Let understand what and art is, where and who it is created. Let know that buying an art is also an asset. And to know more about such unknow knowledge join us at our exhibition.

Visit | Admire | Buy | Invest | Inspire | Collaborate | Connect | Appreciate | Learn | Celebrate. At one place The Haat of Art


Exposure to diverse artworks

Discover new artists

Assess, feel and select artwork in person

Huge and vibrant collections from all over the country

On the spot buying and pickup at best price ever

All price ranges from affordable to exclusive

Stay Informed about current trends

Build business relation

Meet legendary artist

Network with artists and art professionals

Engage in discussions and gain Insights

Enhance personal connection to art

Immerse yourself in different cultures, histories, and perspectives

Stimulates creativity and Inspiration

Learning on developing art, artist and financial upbringing

And many more

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